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#05: How to catch My attention. A simple Guide on how to impress Me.

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I value time to Myself, My art practice, and My friends in both the kink and civilian world.

I work as a Dominatrix with lifestyle subs and I create My own professional Advertisements. I also work as an Art Director in the fashion realm. Currently, I am in a residency learning to build new skills until the end of October.

I live a very colorful life and I always find ways to expand My world by participating and learning various skills. I am always hungry to perfect My craft and that is what I like to do on My spare time when I am not tending to My daily work schedule and the lives of My subs.

I always value rest.

It is important to stand out and impress Me if you want to be a part of My carefully curated life. I want someone who is willing to give Me their undivided attention in exchange for My Time. My attention is for those who are very dedicated to earn it.

It could be you.

My website is a great resource for all the information you need to know about Me. This blog post is to expand and explain all the questions that have been asked in one place and a good directory on how you can get closer to Me. I will refer to this post in all future email inquires moving forward.

My time is precious so read carefully and attentively.

Clickable links to social media, websites, and wishlists are provided in the text.


How to Contact Me:

The only way to book a session with Me is through submitting an application form here.

Once you submit an application, I will verify your submission. If you have not recieved an email in 3-4 days, CHECK YOUR SPAM.

I highly recommend scheduling at least a week in advance. My calender gets filled VERY quickly.

I do not accommodate last minute bookings.

If you fill out the form with one worded answers, it will not be looked at. Be descriptive and explain with details. Read all the directions prior to filling out My application form. It is there for a reason. Unable to follow these directions before seeing Me in person shows you are unfit to serve Me. Remember: this is an invitation into My world. So make your application enticing. Do your research well.

Sending a generous tribute with a cute note that is descreete will acquire My attention. I am always thankful and will allow a respectful introduction through messages on My social media in exchange for your tribute. If you show good etiquette and eagerness to serve Me, we can move forward in our exchange more casually.

You can give Me a call or send a text on Niteflirt. I love talking on the phone and it is the best place to get to know Me before you send an application. Follow My twitter to know when I will be online.

Buying a few gifts from My Needs & Wants wishlist. This shows eagerness to please Me and can grant you a respectful introduction through messages on My social media.

How to Please Me:

Read about My interests here. Self explanitory.

Follow My Twitter or IG to see what tasks or My personal spendings you can reimburse. Paying for the things I need in My life is a great way to serve Me digitally. Service submission is My favorite.

Share, comment (with sweet compliments), and like ALL My posts on IG and twitter. This is a great way to keep My engagement on social media and it is a free task for those that want to serve Me, but do not have the means financially.

Follow My monthly newsletter. I put great time and energy into everything I write. I also include discount codes, special offers, sub tasks, and future touring schedules before announcing them on My social media which will only be sent through email. Always check your spam. You can sign up at the bottom of My website.

Questions on Offerings that are not available on My website.

Please respectfully send an email to: for other specific inquires that are not mentioned in this post. My assistant will get back to you on your specific questions. Any questions that can be answered in this post will recieve the link to this page.

This page will be continuously updated with FAQs. You will be continously referred to this page if it is answered here.

Thanks for reading!


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