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#03: Golden Olympics. How I became the Piss Queen.

When I was 9 years old I was called the Piss Queen because I peed myself in public during karate class. It happened in front of twenty kids and some of their parents.

I remember this memory very clearly because it was one of my most humiliating moments. This fated event happened during the last set of push-ups in our exercise routine. I was already in a desperate state to go to the bathroom. I thought I could "hold it in", however that was proved wrong very quickly. I had relaxed all the tension in my body from lifting my own weight that the increasing urge to release became unstoppable.

The floodgates were fully open.

I layed on my stomach, profusely crying, while the familiar warmth spread from my lower belly to my chest. The release left me breathless and the excruciating pressure became an instant form of pleasure. With a mix of shame, anger, and embarrassment I became numb. I remember hearing one person scream as they saw a puddle of my own urine surround me. The rest of the class jestered and laughed, yet they also backed away from me to avoid stepping in my mess.

You could say I looked like a fish out of water. I was wet and frozen in place. My clothing was semi-transparent and clinging on to my body. My cheeks fully flushed that I looked like an apple. What a memory to recall.

I believe this event is the beginning of my pee liberation.

After that incident, I was forced to face the harassment of my peers every time I went to karate class. The older boys especially made sure I would remember that entire incident over and over again. They called me Piss Queen for the entire summer until they got bored their endless teasing did not have an affect on me.

Fast forward to my college years. I am in a relationship with a 28 year old. He asks in public during our dinner date if I would like to pee on him. Curious but also slightly laughing, I asked him why he wanted that.

"I like everything that comes out of you." He said.

"Even my shit?" I replied.

"Not that, but you squirting is the same thing as peeing. It's just hot." He quickly combated.

When I peed on him later that night, I saw his face glow up like I never have seen before. It was quite strange for me to understand because he was such a clean freak. He was the type to shower two to three times a day and always sweeped and wiped down every crevice of his home. To see him bathing in my piss with absolute pleasure felt so sexy. My experience with him made me see that something so vile to others can be someone else's deep desire.

In 2020, the first session I booked at the dungeon was a peeing competition. This client brought in his own handmade funnel which was the top half of a plastic milk jug. The opening was wide enough so that it made sure the girl's streams would not miss his mouth. He was a strategic and cleanly client that made sure he drank every. single. drop. I admired his dedication.

As he drank the piss, he would count in his head how many gulps each girl did to compare score. The winner would receive a larger tip. What got Me hooked on winning was wanting to top My own score. I did extensive research and trials on how much water I could drink and also how long I could hold it in for. My lowest count was 34 gulps and My highest was 48. Throughout sessioning with this client, I realize My bladder can only hold so much water and eventually I was beaten. One of My favorite compliments from him was that he said My stream was "always strong and consistent like a fountain".

Those years at the dungeon was an exploration of pee. I peed in the dog bowl during pet play when My dog was thirsty. I peed on a client in the midst of an interrogation because he refused to give Me the information I wanted. Sometimes I just wanted to mark My territory.

In social sessions, I have poured My piss in My subs drink in public, then refilling the flask in the bathroom for a fresh batch. I had a sub serve Me tea. Then I made them drink the tea that I peed out. I ate beets the day before so I could pee pink streams for a dramatic effect.

My personal drink menu:

A refreshing lemonade or hibiscus ice tea in the summer.

A classic hot toddie or tea blend in the winter.

I love to create a flavored drink that holds Me fondly.

I can't say I hold the crown for the Golden Olympics, but definitely it is a sport that continues to make Me feel so grateful that My water is always wanting to be quenched.

Would you like to enjoy a taste of My heavenly elixir? Always fresh and served warm.

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